Mission Growth Mastermind

“You’re only one strategy away from multiplying the impact of your nonprofit organization. This is the most likely place you will discover that strategy.”

What's the goal?

Focused efforts for maximum impact.

1. Clarify Objectives

Get intense clarity on the daily, weekly, and monthly objectives necessary to create maximum impact.

2. Pursue Proven Paths

Be guided step-by-step, and get help to solve your unique challenges along the way.

3. Fulfill Your Mission

Make a significant impact on the world through the meaningful work you do.

"There is so much that goes into running a nonprofit organization. From small details to casting long term vision, and these guys have insights that drive results. They helped us more than 10x our growth in a single year. I couldn't recommend them more!"

Jeff Johnson

International Needs

Who you'll work with

Rob Flint, Jr. 

People and Processes Expert

Rob has accumulated 20 years of valuable experience in ministry, non-profit, and consulting. Throughout his career, he has assisted numerous nonprofit organizations in increasing their inbound donations and team sizes — with several stories of 10X growth in a single year. Rob has been happily married to his wife, Taryn, since 2008, and they live in Fort Myers, FL with their two children.

Andrew Falde

Strategy and Systems Expert

Andrew's expertise has led to the generation of nine figures in revenue across multiple industries, ranging from startups to companies listed on the Inc 500 and Fortune 500. With a diverse industry background, Andrew is well-equipped to develop effective systems and strategies for any organization he works with. He’s been married since 2005, and lives in Fort Myers, FL with his wife and three kids. 

What We'll Work On Together


Cultivate strong leadership skills to effectively guide and motivate your team towards achieving your organization's mission and goals, while also fostering a positive and collaborative culture.

Donor Development Calendar

Create and follow a customized annual plan for strategic donor acquisition, major donor development, while learning best practices for every objective.

Mission & Vision Clarity

Evaluate and refine your mission and vision statements to ensure they accurately reflect your organization's purpose and direction, and can be easily articulated by your entire team. 

Finance and Operations

Develop a solid understanding of your organization's financial and operational systems, and use this knowledge to make informed decisions that maximize efficiency and optimize resource allocation.

Branding and Communications

Develop a strong and consistent brand identity and communication strategy to effectively convey your organization's mission and values to your target audience, increase awareness and support, and establish credibility.

Individual Achievement

Encourage and support members to achieve their full potential by setting clear performance goals and providing regular feedback, coaching, and development opportunities

About The Mission Growth Mastermind

Spending time with Rob and Andrew is almost certain to yield results, as they have a proven track record of implementing game-changing strategies that have multiplied the growth of teams, giving, and impact for numerous organizations. Plus, they will provide you with expert guidance every step of the way, ensuring that you don't get stuck at roadblocks or sidetracked by other distractions that may arise.

Who is this for?
This program is designed for registered nonprofit organization staff and leaders who want to have a bigger impact from their work while experiencing less frustration.

What will we do?
We will personalize the Nonprofit Core Frameworks for your organization and guide you through your customized plan week by week. By working together, we can help you achieve your goals.

Where is it?
The program is available entirely online, through our website and Zoom, but if you prefer, you can also schedule a workshop meeting at our office in Fort Myers, FL.

When does it happen?
You can access the program tools and ask questions any time, 24/7. Live mastermind calls take place every Tuesday at 1 pm Eastern time, covering essential topics and addressing collected questions. You have the option to attend the live online meetings or watch the recordings at your convenience.

Why do this?
Managing and growing a nonprofit can be a challenging and overwhelming task. This program provides you with the support, strategies, and confidence to tackle your goals together. With support and a personalized plan, you can produce better results and experience less burnout and frustration.

How do I join?
Interested in joining the Mission Growth Mastermind? We invite new members only after applying and having a discovery call to ensure a perfect fit. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your nonprofit to the next level. Follow the instructions to apply now.


The Mission Growth Mastermind is currently capped at 30 members. Apply now to see if this is a good fit.

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Check what our clients say about us

"From small details to casting long term vision, the team at NonprofitConsulting.com have insights that drive results. They helped us more than 10x our growth in a single year. I couldn’t recommend them more! They have helped us in countless ways and, more importantly, I trust them. They listen to us, understand us and help us get clarity around our messaging and what’s really important. Love working with them!"

Jeff Johnson

International Needs

"Hi Rob, Andrew and Carly- we are sitting at the Airport with hearts filled with gratitude to God for YOU guys and the wonderful time we had together! We are going home feeling like a load has been lifted off of us and GSP!"

Diane Brask

Global Seed Planters